• Hello, I’m Nick Night

    Let’s work together to
    bring more awareness
    and resources to your
    worthy organization.

Delivering Communication Solutions That Meet Your Needs


I consult with key members of your team to explore opportunities and eliminate barriers to achieving your goals.


I help you evaluate and select the best tools and strategies to make your business flourish.


I offer training and support to empower you and your team to succeed with the new tools and strategies.

Effective Solutions For:

  • Fundraising Events
  • Multi-Channel Communications
  • Donor Engagement
  • Mission Awareness

    Here’s how I’ll help:

  • 1) We talk about your organization

    Let’s chat.

    We’ll discuss what’s working, and why; then assess your opportunities and challenges.

    Together we’ll make a plan to explore barriers, strengthen what’s working and maximize your gifts.

    2) I find and present innovative solutions that will allow you to accomplish your goals

    I’m a geek, and a nerd. I love to harness new technologies and put them to work as engines of success.

    I also know that without people, technology alone is doomed to fail. As an expert in human connectivity, I’ll make sure the strategies fit your mission, and benefit your current and potential donors.

    3) I implement the strategies you select

    I act as a software liaison and technical manager, making sure your organization has everything covered so that you are seamlessly transitioned to meet the desired level of success.

    4) I train and support your team to deliver results

    Whether it’s one on one training, conferencing with teams or a presenting a full workshop, I take responsibility to ensure your staff is trained and confident in applying the solutions you select.

    Plus, I continue to serve as a support asset, and offer additional training sessions as new features and services become available.

    Over Thirty Years of Success as an Innovator



    What’s it like to work with Nick?

    John McKenna

    First as COO at Melwood Pictures, and then again as Head of Production at Exodus Film Group, I have had the good fortune to see Nicholas’s creative vision up-close. He sees the potential that others don’t and he has the talent to realize it.

    John McKennaStudio Head at One Animation
    Jean-Pierre Mainguy, Ph.D.

    Nick made us all think differently and see new possibilities for interacting with our clients in a way which will allow all of us to increase customer satisfaction and keep them coming back for more.

    Jean-Pierre Mainguy, Ph.D.University of Redlands School of Business
    Shelley Miles

    I worked with Nick for two years at kidthing where he is Director of Production. His title doesn’t really do the role Nick plays justice – Nick is the magic that makes content at kidthing fun – from concept to execution. Nick is also a wonderful collaborator and team player, working closely with the team to make sure that project goals are met. It was a true pleasure to work with Nick.

    Shelley MilesCEO Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship
    Max Howard

    What a pleasure it is for me to recommend Nicholas to you. A more talented, hard working and pleasant fellow would be hard to find. He’s brimming over with ideas, whether it is on his own projects or others that he is shepherding.

    Max HowardOwner, Max Howard Consulting Group
    Bill Herz

    Nick is full of good ideas that he doesn’t just talk about but actually makes happen. He is honest, fair and can really see business from all sides. I’ve known Nick for 20 plus years and am always amazed at his creativity and ability to solve problems.

    Bill HerzPresident, Magicorp Productions, Inc.
    Dr. Tony Alessandra

    He IS a great entrepreneur with his Revizzit company. He is always looking for ways to match his company features to customer needs. He’s very customer focused!

    Dr. Tony AlessandraProfessional Keynote Speaker at Alessandra & Associates, Inc.
    Ro Healy

    Nick’s positive attitude and dedication to his craft make him a really great guy to work with – you can tell right away he loves what he does as it shows in everything he undertakes. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to be affiliated with a dedicated, passionate and very talented, creative individual.

    Ro HealyDirector of Administrative Operations, Max Howard Consulting Group
    Troy Gardner

    Nick is a brilliant and passionate idea man whose enthusiasm is infectious… he really is a joy to work with. He knows how to manage a team and collaborate with people with different skill sets.
    Nick interfaced well with my technology department. He ensured that his production crew worked within the sometimes complicated technology my team developed, and relayed bug and feature requests back to my team with aplomb.

    Nick is one of my favorite people on the earth to create cool stuff with and I don’t hesitate when I have an idea to call him to see how he can take it to the next level.

    Troy GardnerWeb Architect/Sr. Full Stack Engineer/Technical Lead, TroyWorks